Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club – Clay Shooting & Fishing Day

Main photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Sylvana Fox, so grateful for this lovely reminder of the day!

Went to my first Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club event and loved it!

Hadn’t realised when I signed up that it included fishing and was dubious but the gentleman teaching us was superb, clearly very passionate about fly fishing and keen to pass on his knowledge in a fun and humours way. When it came to my turn I actually discovered its a very enjoyable, relaxing sport….mind you I didnt catch anything, actually catching something might have been a bit much for me but the attempting to was fun!

Fly fishing –


After fishing we stopped for lunch, well I say lunch but this is the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club so it was cake! Lots of cake! Its a great idea, everyone brings a cake, mostly home made but some bought in an emergency and the tea/coffee and cake break gives everyone a chance to get to know each other. After lunch it was time for the groups to swap activities.


Shooting – This was the first time I had held a shotgun let alone attempted to use one! We did 5 different stations and we each had 6 shots at each station. The first was coming from behind and going away I missed all those as I just couldn’t get the gun, my sight or anything right! The second one I had a fiddle and got comfy, that one was a bouncing low level one and I got 3 of the six so a real confidence boost! We then did one coming at you and going overhead where I got 2, followed by one coming from far right to go over us to a pond and I got 2 of those and finally we did one where we had to aim gun into sky and not move it but simply shoot as the clay came into view….I missed all 6 of those and safe to say that wasnt my favourite. I became a shooting addict that day, what a buzz!


At the end of the day its more tea/coffee and cake and awards for best score in each group and the all important rosette for best cake is given out. A last bit of mingling before heading home to nurse my bruised shoulder and think about my next booking!

Our lovely beginners group with our super instructor –
Winner on 11 shot and I managed 8 so
really happy as a first attempt.