He knew me and he loved me still

You knew me and you loved me so
Wanted to stay but time to go
I know you fought until the end
But twas time for body and soul to mend

I sit without you, empty shell
and long to hear you ring your bell
To do happy spins, to bark and shout
To squeak your Kong and to run about

I realise that ended some time ago
but you’d struggled on, feeling really low
I wish I’d seen the light going out
You tried to hide it, my eyes did doubt

I wished that you could have lived forever
and know this was but your greatest endevour
but sadly the pain became too much
and you laid your head to my soft touch

I told you I loved you and it was ok to go
How I managed that I will never know
As your last breathe came I said “love you best boy”
you sighed calmly and deeply and began your last voyage