A very sad day

Today I say goodbye to my good friend Wendy, one might be forgiven for wondering why I would share this on my dog blog but there are actually so many reasons I don’t think I could fit them all on. Wendy came into my life at just the right time and for over a decade supported me in everything I did, she was there when both my dogs entered my life and was a constant source of encouragement and strength. She bolstered me up when I found the show world tough, she encouraged me to keep following my dream of working my dogs and she laughed with me at the tales of both my dogs antics when they were naughty! I could literally go on forever, but I won’t…suffice as to say the world lost a wonderful woman today and I lost a good friend but she will always be remembered and when I do so it will be fondly and with a smile because she would tell me off if it was with a tear……I light a candle for you tonight Wendy and it will always burn bright in my heart x