World Dog Show – CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW (Paris)

Our very first World Dog Show!!

Woke early once again and after another wonderful buffet breakfast we headed for the World Dog Show where Weimaraners were due in the ring first thing.

It was very exciting arriving and we headed off to look for Raquel and her Bracco’s as she had told us she would be there all morning, it was lovely finally meeting her. We quickly headed back to the Weimaraner rings to get comfortable for another days showing. It was a shame they showed bitches in one ring whilst showing dogs in another at the same time as it meant you couldnt see them all and had to miss some that you would have liked to have seen but we made the best of it and did our best to get as many photos as we could.

The LH judging was great to watch! Classic Dreams Hazel Grouse went CACIB and earned a second World Winner title. Ioulos von Weimeland won overall and was a lovely 2yr old boy with a fantastic temperament! The best junior winner was Kamikaze Z Korunova Dola who was another lovely boy with another lovely temperament.

Once judging had finished we then shopped till we dropped and once ready to drop caught our taxi home for dinner and bed.

For us the whole experience was a special one and a real eye opener to a whole different show world. It was so wonderful to meet up with fellow UK show friends but also many of our foreign FB show friends and finally meet them and their lovely dogs face to face.

For us the trip ended up being much more than just watching the World Dog Show, we made life long very special friends and it was also the begining of more life changes to come 😉