Weimaraner Lovers Water Day – Dorney Lakes, Windsor

Well what a fabulous day!

Started off a little shakey thanks to horrendous traffic conditions but once we arrived at Dorney Lakes…well wow what can I say, what a wonderful, wonderful place, such a sense of peace there.

Everyone met up in the car park, Emer cycled off for a safety briefing and came back with a couple of safety lines and the words of wisdom ‘be safe’! We jumped in our cars and followed Emer on her trusty bike to where we were going to be working the dogs.

It was a lovely spot and we were able to park up right by the lake which made life easier for everyone involved, the only thing we needed to do was persuade 2 swans that hanging around wasn’t the best idea for a long and happy life.

The brave, brave volunteers who had come along to help the newer dogs, got wetsuited up and jumped in…rather them than me as it wasn’t exactly warm in there!

Kodi is happy..no MORE than happy to dive right in after dummies but he hasn’t got the swim thing sorted yet. Margarita (our volunteer trainer for the day) threw a nice fat pheasant to weigh him down and it worked a dream, carrying his lovely prize he paddled back to shore, shook himself down, wagged his tail smiling widely and got ready to dive right back in!

Kodi managed to complete 3 retrieving sessions with both cold game and dummies to retrieve and he loved every second of it.

We ended the day with a little stroll by the river and I thank heavens above that I had just popped Kodi on lead when a deer ran past at a nice relaxed pace almost as if it was sticking its fingers up at our gundogs! A lovely site though, magnificent.

We also raised plenty of money for rescue thanks to Emer and her collection pot.

I can’t thank Emer enough for organising this wonderful day.