The 2016 Round-up

I will only be listing my own dogs this year, not those I bred as its too hard to keep up with everyones results but if you’d like to know more about any of our litters results always feel free to contact me. You can also see results of pups within the blogs and on their individual pages so you can still stay up to date with any favourites.

Well, 2015 wasn’t quite what I expected, I had hoped to dedicate much of it to training my young girl Faith but my mum became very ill and sadly passed away so Faith has had to get by on very little of what I hoped. She has however thankfully got her fathers thirst for learning so when I did find time to train with her she made such lovely progress and proved a credit to me on our local shoot at the tender age of just a year old, she has also started this years shooting season equally well.

It has been a good year for obedience with Faith gaining her first title and proving herself more than capable of winning the higher classes once we sort out her waits. She started with a set of 6 agility lessons and clearly takes after her kamikaze father when tackling obstacles!

Rheas had a quiet year and has only been show and worked on one shoot day, its been hard for her waiting in the wings this year and I really hope that I will be able to get her out doing more of what she loves next year.

Kodi is enjoying retirement and the quite life, sofa snuggles, ball time and treats.

2016 is now ending and yet more changes for me and for life. Due to personal circumstances, in September I had lined up the girls to retire from showing for the time being. Our last booked show was October however I have managed to book 2 more for 2017 and will just have to take things one step at time whilst the future unfolds.  Faith also ends both her Obedience and Agility training for now. Who knows what the next chapter has in store? time will tell.

List of awards gained &/or results up to the close of 2016:

5th Place – Faith finishes the year with a 5th Place in the Obedience League Introductory category!
Faiths took part in Southend and District Canine Societys ‘Dog of the Year’ competition
Faiths first shoot of the season
1st Place Longhaired Weimaraner Class at Mid Herts Gundog Open Show
1st Place Graduate Class at Mid Herts Gundog Open Show
Yearling Dog or Bitch at Weimaraner Association Open Show
Reserve Working Dog or Bitch at Weimaraner Association Open Show
Retired from showing for foreseeable future
VHC Yearling Bitch Class at Richmond CHAMPIONSHIP Show
VHC AV Gundog – Wire Fox Terrier Companion Show
VHC Yearling Bitch Class at Bournemouth CHAMPIONSHIP Show
VHC Yearling Bitch at East of England CHAMPIONSHIP Show
Reserve Yearling Bitch at Windsor CHAMPIONSHIP Show
6th Place in Novice Dog / Novice Handler at the Italian Spinone Club of GB – General Working Test
1st Place Introductory Obedience at St Edwards Obedience Show
VHC in Yearling Bitch at Southern Counties CHAMPIONSHIP Show
3rd Place Novice Bitch at Bath Counties CHAMPIONSHIP Show
Achieved her Good Citizens Bronze Award at Bath CHAMPIONSHIP Show
Faiths win at Culverstone earns her, her very first title, INTRO EX (subject to KC confirmation).
1st Place Introductory Obedience – Culverstone Obedience Show – This earns Faith her first official Kennel Club title of INTRO EX

BEST IN MATCH (at just 16mths old) – Southend & District Canine Society Match Night
Faith attended her first ever obedience competition, she wasn’t placed but did so well and both judge and steward had lots of praise for her.
Faith was invited to continue beating and finished the season picking up on beaters day.

Rheas first shoot of the season
Reserve Place Longhaired Dog or Bitch at Mid Herts Gundog Open Show
3rd Place Longhaired Dog or Bitch Weimaraner Association Open Show
Rhea completed her very first shoot day as part of a beating team
Retired from showing for foreseeable future
Reserve AV Open – Wire Fox Terrier Companion Show
3rd Place Limit Bitch Class at Bournemouth CHAMPIONSHIP Show
Reserve Limit Bitch – Three Counties CHAMPIONSHIP Show
3rd Place Limit Bitch Class at Southern Counties CHAMPIONSHIP Show – CRUFTS 2017 Qualified
3rd Place Good Citizens Class – CRUFTS 2016

Kodi began enjoying his retirement at 8 years old. His best year was 2010 where he would have been the Top Longhaired Weimaraner based on the clubs points system but at the time I was unfortunately informed that agility didn’t count towards the points and therefore my claim didn’t go through. He ends his career with:

4 x Best of Breeds (including a group shortlist)
4 x Best AVNSC
6 x Reserve Best of Breeds
Numerous class wins at Championship & Open shows

Kodi will no longer be competing in agility but taking part in the odd one for fun because he loves it so, he ends his agility career with:

Numerous placements in KC and UKA events including class wins and trophys, also placed within the Gundog League and ends his UKA career as:
Steeplechase Senior
Performance Novice

From just 3 Kennel Club Shows Kodi accumulated 44 of the 200 points required to earn his Bronze Agility Warrant, unfortunately for Kodi I preferred the UKA agility shows so he never attended enough KC ones to get his warrant.

Kodi will be enjoying his retirement at 8 years old and enjoying supporting Rhea and Faith, but mainly Faith as we will be concentrating on bringing her on this year in various disciplines.