Articles & Features

Articles & Features

I’ve been asked to write several small articles over time that have either been featured in breed club newsletters/magazines or other journals such as the BMHS newsletter or the Good Vets Guide.

  1. An article I was asked to write on Kodi’s 1st ever working test (organised by the Weimaraner Association)
  2. An article all about my experience of Kodi representing the breed at the 2nd ever Festival of Falconry
  3. An article to date was one that I was asked to write for a club magazine regarding Kodi’s Trick Dog Champion title.
  4. An article for the BMHS on clicker training
  5. An article on Canine Pregnancy Scanning for the Good Vets Guide
  6. An article on my import of Rhea for the WA club in Australia
  7. An article on tracking with my dogs for the Weimaraner Associations Longhaired 40th anniversary edition of ‘Grey Matters’
  8. An article on my first obedience competition with Faith for the Weimaraner magazine, aimed at encouraging other Weimaraner owners to give it a go.

Please find below articles copies…

 Owing to file corruption I have to find some of the articles again in order to post them, therefore articles hopefully to follow bit by bit as and when I locate them again.

1. – To follow…..

2. – To follow…..

3. – To follow…..

4. – To follow…..

5. – THE GOOD VETS GUIDE – Article on Canine Pregnancy Scanning

6. – My article can be found on page 16 – CLICK HERE

7. – To follow…..

8. – To follow…..