The 2018 Round-up

I know each year I talk about having a quieter one but there is no harm in repeating the dream! This years plan, no showing and despite both my girls being eligible I will not be attending CRUFTS. I plan on quite times training at home, maybe the odd training round at shows, a little heel work to music fun and generally more time enjoying all 3 dogs during down time at our local river, doing trick work and relaxing. Kodi turns 10 in Febuary, time to focus on time well spent in the moment.

Once again I will only be listing my own dogs this year and not those I bred as its too hard to keep up with everyones results but I wish them all the best in all that they do. 


Faith finished her beating season successfully.
Completed 1st virtual 5k with me and Kodi


Completed 1st virtual 5k with Gabriella
Rhea finished her beating season successfully.
Rhea started back at agility training.
Completed 1st virtual 5k with me and Faith

Last update July 2017 – Whilst retired Kodi was awarded his Kyra Sundance TD-ROM title which is given to those producing offspring that achieve the required amount of titles and is awarded to show he produces ‘fine offspring’. Clever boy!

Kodi began enjoying his retirement at 8 years old. His best year was 2010 where he would have been the Top Longhaired Weimaraner based on the clubs points system but at the time I was unfortunately informed that agility didn’t count towards the points and therefore my claim didn’t go through.

Kodi ended his show career with:
4 x Best of Breeds (including a group shortlist)
4 x Best AVNSC
6 x Reserve Best of Breeds
Numerous class wins at Championship & Open shows

Kodi ended his agility career with:
Numerous placements in KC and UKA events including class wins and trophys, also placed within the Gundog League and ends his UKA career as:
Steeplechase Senior
Performance Novice

From just 3 Kennel Club Shows Kodi accumulated 44 of the 200 points required to earn his Bronze Agility Warrant, unfortunately for Kodi I preferred the UKA agility shows so he never attended enough KC ones to get his warrant.

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