TDCH Morpheus Ruler of Dreams at Astraios – Kodi becomes the 7th Dog, 1st UK Dog, 1st Longhaired Weimaraner & 1st Weimaraner to obtain the title

Trick Dog Titles – Do More With Your Dog !

Today Kodi has officially become

TDCH Morpheus Ruler of Dreams at Astraios


“Do More With Your Dog!” is not a Kennel Club scheme and therefore the title will not be used on any of his KC paperwork. The scheme is American based but dogs from any country can participate by submission of firstly, witness signatures then, for more advanced titles video submissions. Whilst it is by no means on par with becoming a field champion, working trials champion etc it is still something that I am very proud of, I am always proud of my boy whatever he achieves be it big or small <3

Kodi gained his ATD (Advanced Trick Dog) title as recently as September and I thought it would be months before I would be ready to progress to the ETD (Expert Trick Dog) let alone the TDCH (which is the Affix for Trick Dog Champion), however as always Kodi surprised me (I don’t know why because I should be used to it by now! In just one month he had fullfilled all the other criteria for me to the compile our video submission for Kyra Sundance and her team to assess. It felt like forever waiting to hear our result once I had submitted the video but it was in fact only a day as they set to work assessing it the day after submission.

I couldn’t be more proud of my boy, he really is one in a million as far as I am concerned <3

You can see video’s of some of Kodi’s tricks on the ‘Kodi’s video’s’ page of this website or visit his You Tube channel to see our 3 part submission for his Trick Dog Champion title.