Rosas first swim session

So yesterday was our first swim night in a long time, I wont lie it was hard for me, Kodi loved to swim, always made him so happy swimming up and down retrieving things and we had to work hard to teach him calmness in water!

It was the first time we have been back to Hydrodobes with out him and even as I pulled up I could feel how it used to feel to take him, I could hear him squealing with excitement and spinning with joy on the back seat realising when we were nearly there and it broke my heart, at the moment all the memories do and I look forward to the day they can be felt with a smile once more.

Anyway I digress, as I often do these days on memories. Back to the girls who we are grateful to still have with us.

Faith and Rhea swam first, up and down eagerly collecting Kong squeakers. They are good girls and generally wait their turn but if anyone’s going to break her ‘wait’ its Faith, takes after her Dad when it comes to water retrieves!

Rosas turn next and her very first time in water (other than a bath). First up was treadmill and was really pleased at how quickly she settled into that, job well done for sure.

Whilst the older girls swam Rosa had been watching and seemed keen but without the older girls lost confidence bless her but she still behaved really well and she coped, we gave her time to settle and just stand on the ramp etc and she was given a swim or two up and down and then a rest again then a little more and that was it, enough to settle her and have her just feel calm. Looking forward to returning with her and building that confidence up.