Patamoke Workshop

Rosa attended a Patamoke show training workshop this weekend. What a great day it was too!

I booked the day for Gabriella and for Rosa in order to give them a day of positive training and bonding together, not necessarily with a view to show but with the aim of having a good day in each others presence training and that is exactly what they had.

We took the older girls along for the ride which was great as the sun shone brightly all day so they got to go outside and play on the green out back and I did some obedience training with Faith too which was fun for us both. When we weren’t outside they crated up happily to wait for their next outing.

Rosa went up early in the day and did her bit with Gabs, it was good for me to watch and Gabriella really enjoyed showing her hand at showing. Rosa responded really well to all the techniques.

It was nice that we were also joined by 2 other Longhaireds on the day as its always so rare to see them on workshops and training days. I think Vicky and Caz also enjoyed their day with their girls and their girls seemed to enjoy the day too!