Our Litter Plans

We hope to have a litter during 2018

Our litters are few and far between however, as past owners have been happy to wait as many years as it takes for the right puppy we happily keep a permanent running list of enquiries.

Our foundation ‘Charmed’ litter produced above all much loved pets but also working dogs, obedience winners, agility winners and the 2 time winner of Weimaraner Association Best All-round Longhaired trophy.

If you wish to be considered for registration on our puppy list for one of our future litters then please contact me for further information.


At Astraios it is important to us that we breed Longhaired Weimaraners that are not just of good conformation for the showring but that have both the temperament, drive and nose for hunting and working.

We welcome foreign enquiries.

Our puppies come with a lifetime of support


First and foremost of course, I my priority is for loving forever homes, be that pet home or working home makes no difference.

As an owner that acquired my first Weimaraner purely as a pet I do not think that that homes without previous experience should be dismissed, however I do believe they should be well informed before choosing the Weimaraner breed as they are both beautiful and challenging. If you wish to discuss owning a longhaired Weimaraner please feel free to contact me as I am always happy to talk about this fantastic breed.

Please be aware that in the event of a litter:

  • All potential homes will be strictly vetted and checked when the time comes (initially via telephone interview and then via written questionnaire and where distance makes it possible potential homes will have a home visit arranged). I hope that you will simply find this reassuring as I aim to do my best to ensure that all puppies would be going to appropriate and ‘forever homes’ with a good understanding of this beautiful breed.
  • Puppies will be assessed and placed in what is deemed to be the most suitable home for each particular puppy but of course your choices will be taken in to account and discussed with you fully so you are happy with your puppy (guarantees can never be given but we will do our best to find the best match for you and for puppy).
  • For owners wishing to ‘show’, what is believed to be a show quality pup will be given (whilst no guarantees can ever be given that this will work out long term the best choice will be made at the time), if no pups are deemed to be of sufficient show quality, you will be informed of this at the earliest opportunity.
  • Deposits may be required at the time of puppy allocation.

Puppies will:

  • Be Kennel club registered and come with a KC certificate confirming this.
  • Come with an initial few weeks free insurance (which is your responsibility to activate etc when picking up your puppy).
  • Leave with a bag of food, water canister to ease transition to a new water supply, a blanket that smells of mum, a mini pet remedy spray for the journey home, an 11.5 whistle (all puppies will be recall trained to the whistle whilst in our care), a clicker and usage information sheet, 5 generation pedigree, breed information pack (including things such as Weimaraner club details, grooming/coat care, socialisation details, health information, growth stages etc) and a written contract of sale.
  • Be microchipped.
  • Will have full vet check before leaving us at 8 weeks.
  • The puppies will be Kennel Club Registered which will be endorsed (X) – Not Eligible for Export and (R) – Progeny Not Eligible for Registration, these restrictions are imposed to ensure the future welfare of our puppies and will be fully explained in detail. These registrations can be lifted in the future providing certain criteria has been met and we are more than happy to discuss this with you.

In the meantime I am always happy to pass on details of other litters that I am aware of at any particular time so if you are looking for a Longhaired Weimaraner puppy please let me know via the contact page and I can send you in the direction of the right channels for a suitable litter.

Here is a link to a good article on Puppy Buyer Etiquette, well worth a readCLICK HERE


If you have done all your research and are still convinced that a Weimaraner is for you and you have also decided that a puppy is what you are looking for then please bear in mind that the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain, Weimaraner Association, North of England Weimaraner Society and Weimaraner Club of Scotland all have Codes of Ethics concerning breeding. You can contact any of these breed clubs to gain advice on what you should be looking for, where to go, what questions to ask etc and I cannot recommend enough that you do so.

 A bitch: 

  1. Should not be bred from or mated if she is under two years old
  2. Should not whelp a litter after her eighth birthday
  3. Should not be bred from more than once in every twelve months
  4. Should have no more than three litters in her lifetime

Please do as much research as possible about the Weimaraner before thinking of bringing one into your lfie as they are not for everyone, they require an immense amount of input and training and can be prone to separation anxiety and are therefore not a good choice for those working full time.

Taking on a puppy is a decision not to be taken lightly and the more research you do and the more you speak to people involved in the breed then the more chance you have of your decisions being the right ones.

PLEASE NOTE: Links to all breed clubs can be found on the LINKS page