Morpheus Ruler of Dreams (aka Kodi) is born

Sharnphillys Litter (

We had spoken with Kodi’s breeder about 6mths prior to the breeding that resulted in Kodi. Once his mum Tilly had given birth we then went to see the rather large litter of 13 puppies! They were a mix of long and short haired pups and all thoroughly adorable, given that they were all equally lovely we decided it best to let Sharron pick for us. We told Sharron our circumstances so she could get an idea of which pup might fit in and we also told her that we might like to try showing, then we left her to it. The only thing agreed in advance was that our pup be a long haired dog.

On the day we went to collect Kodi, we arrived to find there were 2 longhaired dogs on the shortlist for us so after a few final thoughts were made they handed over Morpheus Ruler of Dreams for us to take home.