Match night with all 3

Looking at my blog I apparently haven’t updated well on my match nights since getting Rosa, I’ll have to go back and add what Ive missed! Anyway tonight I took all 3 girls to ringcraft, the older girls havent shown for a year or so which meant I had no idea what to expect.

Rhea was lovely on the move and stacked up nicely for me so obviously not forgotten what to do! She came 2nd in Veteran.

Faith really moved brilliantly for me, really settled and ran herself and she stacked up nicely too. There were a lot of entries in Open so it was done as a knock out with Faith making it though to the final line up and finally taking Reserve in a really lovely class, was really pleased with her placing.

Rosa stacked up nicely but was a bit daft about being gone over and a bit over exuberant on the move but still managed a 2nd in a nice puppy class which was a pleasant surprise, imagine if she’d actually managed to keep her feet on the floor!

All in all a really lovely evening which I think the girls thoroughly enjoyed.