Kennel Club Good Citizen Award – Bronze – PASSED!

Well I never thought this day would arrive!

When I remember back to our first days at obedience class… about class clown!! Kodi always loved obedience class but purely for the social aspect, he loved to play and still loves to play beyond anything else…he would rather play than eat, sleep or breathe I am sure of it.

Anyway, so KC Bronze day arrived, nervous did not begin to cover it. I arrived 2 hours early just in order to get him settled!! We walked and walked and walked, round and round and round the area around the test hall, occassionally stopping for a small rest and a little water as it was a warm day.
The gentleman running the test and his assistant were both lovely, very encouraging and trying to keep everything very lighthearted as I think it was obvious that all of us being tested were a bundle of nerves.

We completed an on lead under control walk outside and all the dogs managed it, no mean feat considering road works had been started outside the centre and a generator was on the go!

We did a recall where we walked towards the other dogs then slipped off the lead and went in the opposite direction calling them.

We did a 1 minute chat whilst the dog had to wait patiently, Kodi managed this perfectly but I do think the long pre test walk had begun to take effect.

We did a 1 minute wait that everyone managed which was brilliant.

We did the vet check of our dogs and also groomed them and again all the dogs were fantastic.

Finally we did a ‘going through the gate under control’, again everyone did a grand job of it.

We answered lots of questions, at this point I realised it was me who should have done their homework and not Kodi 🙂

Then we stopped for tea or orange juice and some cake (which no one taking the test could manage to eat due to nerves) and then we were happily ALL told we had passed and were presented with our Bronze award certificates.

I am hoping to have a picture to put up eventually as Naomi was kind enough to take some for us with our certificates.