I hold certificates for having passed the following Kennel Club Seminars/Exams:

  • Kennel Club Conformation & Movement Hands on Assessment – Tested and passed 7th August 2010 by Kathy Gorman (Kennel Club Accredited Trainer) passed with marks of 49 out of 50
  • Kennel Club Conformation & Movement – Tested and passed 20th November 2010 by David Cavill (Kennel Club Accredited Trainer).
  • Requirements of a Dog Show Judge Seminar – Tested and passed 14th May 2011 by Rob Dix (Kennel Club Accredited Trainer) passed with Marks of 98%
  • Breed Specific Seminar – Weimaraner – Tested and passed 27th March 2011 by the following assessors, Patsy Hollings, Jacqui Ward, Gil Simpson and Claire Rodgers.
  • Attended Nofolk & Suffolk HPR All Aged Field Trial 16th January 2014

I also hold:

Canine 1st Aid course – Tested and passed 20th February 2010

In addition

I am on the following judging lists:

North of England Weimaraner Society – C List (Breed Specialist)
Weimaraner Association – C List (Breed Specialist)
Weimaraner Club of Great Britain – C List (Breed Specialist)