Heelwork to Music – Rhea

As Faith has her Discover Dogs event tomorrow I didn’t want to wear her out so Rhea had the chance of taking her place and taking part in her very first heelwork to music class!

Well what can I say, a natural! Rhea sauntered in to class bum wagging as always, she hadnt been to the class ever before but soon picked up everything we needed, shes done lots of trick work at home so already new some basics so Christina had us work on the next stage i.e. Rhea already knew sit pretty so we taught her to give me a high five or ten instead. She had so much fun and was so enthusiastic at everything we tried. We finished the lesson by putting together a really short routine to Mercy by Duffy, so much fun! 

As Faith already does regular obedience I think I’ll be taking Rhea to HTM class so she can socialise and have some fun as her agility classes are always 121s and I can teach Faith the moves at home instead.

Great fun and cant wait for the next one!