Happy Birthday Rhea!

Simply cannot believe our little bush baby arrived on this earth 5 whole years ago! We have had so much joy from her, from watching Waldwiese kennels initial posts through to the days they posted stacks and choices were made, she was always meant to be for us and I am so grateful to those who made it possible including my lovely Wendy who is now sadly missed but remembered in Astraios Earth Angel, named in her memory.

She has been a never ending source of joy to us, happy from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. Shes done us proud in the show rings, the agility rings, blood tracking, hunting, beating and well, the list goes on but the biggest and best moment was the one where she gave us our first litter. The Charmed Litter. Those babies, the first of the Waldwiese descendants to arrive in Europe, have been truly amazing and I wonder if we will ever manage a litter quite so amazing (but of course will do our best!)

So cheers to our little bush baby and hopefully many many wonderful years to come for us all <3