Gundog Training Classes

We recently completed 5 weeks of a 6 week course (week 6 has been re-scheduled) and we have signed up for a further 6 weeks as it has been so positive and enjoyable.

During the 6 weeks our class covered seen retrieves, blind retrieves, memory retrieves, water retrieves, retrieves over obstacles, steadiness, heel work and work under distraction. It was a very well run course and each dog was worked to its own pace within the class. Kodi progressed greatly in just those 5 short weeks, especially with regards to steadiness and it was a real pleasure to note that every single dog in the class improved greatly at whatever their ‘weak spots’ were when we commenced the course. I am now very much looking forward to the next course!

I was due to miss the last class of the 6 week class due to being at the World Dog Show in Paris, however, Gary hurt his back and the course was re-arranged for the Tuesday after my return.

The class went really well and was our best yet. It was the first class where Kodi sat rock solid and steady for the dummies and waited until he was sure he had been told that he was allowed to retrieve them! Real progress!!

Class consisted of heel work round the distraction of dummies on the floor, dogs sat whilst dummies were launched all around them, work on the sit whistle and tightening the speed at which the sit was delivered to the whistle, 3 retrieves in a row at greater distances each time they were sent back, hunting the field for a hidden dummy and steadiness whilst others worked.

Since the ending of the first course we have commenced the 2nd course which involved work on being steady and directions of retrieves.