Faiths first working assessment

Unfortunately no photos from the day as it was just Faith and I on the day, so instead to break up the blurb Ive used some of Faith just taken locally.

So we started the day by just letting her off lead and firstly seeing if she would venture out or not, she did, not too far at first but as the session progressed she went further and faster as her confidence grew.

Nosework was observed secondly and thankfully was satisfactory. Fur and feather (both cold) were at first hidden without her seeing it happen then she was bought down wind to enable her to work the wind and hopefully located them. I was exstatic that she not only successfully found them but of her own accord followed this by retrieving them to me! Faith has retrieved on dummies before but never met cold game let alone had the opportunity to retrieve it so that was me over the moon.

We mixed the day between hunting/watching her work different beats and retrieving. Working on my handling of her, learning not to expect the width of beats I get from my adults, letting her work some things out but moving her on where necessary. There were some lovely recalls off of distractions and I was most pleased that in between hunting and working she happily trotted nicely by my side to the next area.

The next couple of retrieves were a mix of unseen and seen ones and where they were seen they were thrown into cover that meant she had to not only leave me but work her way through brambles etc blocking her path, she never gave up and never failed, I was proud as punch with her attitude.

As shes only a 5mth old puppy after a few hours she began to tire and it became time to call it a day and end on a positive. The final retreive of the day came at this point and was a memory on feather, just a small one of 30mtrs but she did great, straight out and retrieved it to hand! Super way to finish a super day!

Proud as punch with the start this home bred girl has made