FAB Agility show – Mapledurham

Kodi’s second agility show – No placings for us today but three rounds I was pleased with! Congratulations to Kodi’s half brother Paddy and his owner/handler Kate on their 3rd place.

Round one was Steeplechase, it went nicely, there were a couple of sniffs of the ground from Kodi which caused a ‘refusal’  but the rest of the course went nicely, he was focused and happy and I was overal pleased with his round.

Round two was jumping, this time it was my errors that lost us a clear round and possible place. Kodi ran well and tried hard to get it all right for me and once again it was a fun round!

Last round of the day was agility and I had high hopes as Kodi was extremely focused and the course not too hard, sadly he seemed to have cramped up or something and wasnt comfortable, he lost focus with a couple of sniffs but finished the round happy and we called it a day.

This was the first time we had attempted netted ring agility as his first show had full fence / walled rings and I was pleased with how it all went. It was a lovely show, very relaxed and friendly with lots of joking and banter, lovely day.

For those interested, here is a link to the You Tube video’s – FAB SHOW MAY 2012