Essex Flyers Club Competition day!

1stplace – Introductory Jumping

Arrived to torrential rain! This did not actually let up unti all classes had been completed and packing up had commenced.

First class was agility, I had decided not to enter it but Shelagh persuaded me to give it a go ‘its a fun day afterall’ was her advice and it was good advice. We did ok but Kodi wasnt very focus and disappeared off for a sniff a couple of times but it was never the less good fun and good practice for me trying to learn the course too.

The second class was ‘time, fault and out’ but we gave that a miss, the rain was torrential and I decided to have a sausage in a bun instead and warm up a little.

Third class was the jumping class and we were 4th to run. I sat Kodi at the start line and just knew he was with me! The course was a complicated one with two tricky elements to it. I started a few jumps away from Kodi, he waited beautifully and the whole course he was spot on! He listened intently and really gave the whole course his all, doing a spectacular turn round a jump that was a real ‘turn on a six pence’ moment. I was so, so pleased and as we ended we got cheers and claps for our CLEAR ROUND!

Fourth class was steeplechase and we entered. I sat Kodi on the start line and knew he wasnt with me, every few jumps he would leave and I suddenly realised why, when Kodi needs to ‘go’ he needs to go so I blew my sit whistle, collected him up and we retired from the ring and I was right, he went straight to the toilet! It was a shame to miss the last class as I think he would have gone well but I still cant complain, very, very happy with his performance overall today!

After each class the places were announced from 6th up to 1st place. After the jumping class the small, medium and large classes for introductory were combined and overall winners were announced. After hearing 6th and 5th places be awarded I was a little disappointed as I had thought that Kodi had done well and we might get a place but I shook it off and thought never mind he was a good boy and did his best, all of a sudden Steve announced 1st place to me and Kodi’!!!! Well you could have knocked me down with a feather, we won jumping, how wonderful!