Dog of the Year 2016

Southend and District Canine Society held their Dog of the Year competition tonight. Faith qualified at their May match night under Judge Abby Webb.

It was a lovely night, the hall was decorated beautifully and everyone bought some nibbles along to enjoy after the competition completed.

Junior handling was first won by Abby Webb, then their was Veteran, Puppy and finally Adult which Faith was in. We collected in the hall to be announced in one by one, Faiths run in was lovely as she had a chance to pick up speed and stride out but moving was more difficult during the match as although we were lucky enough to have a big ring she still didn’t quite get to show her movement off best. She was a good girl stacked and gone over, no fiddling, a real little pro. She enjoyed her night all together and Kodi and Rhea came along for the ride too.

We didn’t win, unless you count our raffle prizes but it was a joy to be able to be there for the first time. Thank you to everyone who made the night possible it was great to be a part of.