Cesar Millan at the O2

Well the journey to the O2 went smoothly, we stopped for a bite to eat before then got settled in our seats in good time for Cesar. There was a real buzz of anticipation in the place and when Cesar finally made it on stage it went crazy! After a couple of minutes on stage looking overwhelmed with the response he received Cesar thanked everyone for the welcome and started his talk.

The evening was a very relaxed with nothing too flashy taking place. Most of the talk revolved around how Cesar began his relationship with dogs, how that grew and how his work with dogs affects everything in life.

During the course of the evening he ran over his basic principles and what is behind them. He also featured a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog, a dog dancing display, dog treadmill example and several other small segments involving dogs.

I was really pleased to have gone and found it a very interesting and moving evening especially with regards to its relation to my energy work. I think the only thing I would have like more of, is a little more depth to what was covered as I did feel much of what was covered could be found in the DVD’s, books and TV series. Having said all that, for me personally, it was a trip worth making and an excellent chance to experience the energy and presence first hand!