Canine 1st Aid Course Day

Well worth attending!

It was a 3hr course with a small coffee break in the middle. The course was well presented and very educational. Various topics were covered througout the day, from minor cuts to full on shock and broken bones.

We were all given a chance to complete a tail, leg and ear bandage as well as make a bandage muzzle for emergencies. The vet in charge came to check all our work, which was just as well as I was quite pleased with my efforts till informed that it was too tight around the throat and I was likely to have suffocated my pooch!!!

We were given a summary booklet to take away and the opportunity to purchase kits, which of course I took up! I figured a stocked one for the car is always a good idea when taking a Weimaraner out and about.

All in all I would totally recommend anyone taking these 3hrs to ensure they have adequate knowledge to ‘get by’ when an emergency hits as unfortunately they so frequently do.