The ‘Charmed’ Litter

Astraios’ foundation litter was the ‘Charmed’ litter.

Astraios Charmed Litter Ad
In 2014 our first and to date only litter from Kodi x Rhea produced 6 wonderful puppies

The Charmed litter consisted of  2 dogs and 4 bitches.

The litter included 1 who is worked on a local shoot and training in various disciplines, 2 loving pets who enjoy foreign holidays and long walks, 1 training for agility and obedience, 1 training for obedience and field work and of those six 3 have gone on to be successful showdogs qualifying for Crufts and includes 1 who is a record breaker !


We shall always wish all of them all the best with their future owners as they will always hold very special places in our hearts.

The litter was as follows –

Orange Boy – Astraios Dream Sorcerer aka Ichabod (pronounced Ikabod)

(shown stacked at 7wks)

A lovely laid back boy now owned by a lovely gentleman named William and destined for a Charmed life of long walks and cosy times. I am grateful to hear from Ichabods owner every so often and I hear he is well, happy, friendly and loving life, what more could I ask for?

Blue Boy – Astraios Wizard of Aus aka Roo

(shown stacked at 7wks)


Destined for a lovely family, well known to me as they have Kodi’s full litter brother. He will have a Charmed and active life full of agility fun which he will need as hes definitely inherited his fathers energy levels!

As a youngster Roo popped into the show rings, winning BPIB and Reserve Best of Breed at his first show then Crufts qualifying at his first champ show and on his trip to Crufts (a first for his owners) he came home with a 3rd and a 4th!

Roo now concentrates on agility which is what he was destined for, he began his agility career by winning 3rd place Agility in Grade 3 at his first ever KC show, swiftly followed with a 4th in Jumping at his second! I think grand things await this little lad.

Yellow Girl – Astraios Oh My Goddess aka Zuri

(shown here stacked at 11wks)

Zuri 14wks

 Destined for a very Charmed life in Portugal with my very good friend Ana. Zuri set off to a well known show kennel for fun in the showrings and out at the local beaches.

Zuri began showing by winning every single puppy group that she attended! A total of 6! She finished 6th Top Puppy All Breeds in Portugal and gained her Junior Champion title. She gained an award towards her full adult title but since then has been having a break whilst her owner concentrated on her business exams after many years hard work. Hopefully she will be back in the rings again soon to finish her title.

Dottie Girl – Astraios Power of Veratu aka Dottie

(shown stacked at 7.5wks)


Happy go lucky, sunshine girl Dottie, long awaited girl who was always destined to be treasured by my very good friend Debbie!

Debbie has dabbled in companion shows with Dottie who has taken it all in her stride and come away with lots of wins including a Best in Show just like her Mum. Dottie and Debbie spent their first couple of years working hard to become a working gundog team that is valued on their local shoot, having now been invited back for the next season. I couldn’t be more proud.

Pink Girl – Astraios Forever Charmed aka Little Lodie
and later to be Lady Lodie
(shown stacked at 6wks)



What a lucky girl this little one is, she left in her Maserati to become lady of the manor along with another beautiful longhaired Weimaraner dog. She is blessed to be surrounded by so much love and I know both Frank will ensure she is forever charmed.

Her lovely companion Hugo sadly passed away when lodie was around 2 but she continues to be a happy girl enjoying lots of 121 time with her owner and many, many foreign holidays. I get regular super updates from Frank and am blessed at the home he has provided for her and the love he shares with her. She really was ‘meant to be’.

Glitter Girl – Astraios Earth Angel aka Faith

(shown stacked at 7wks)


Hopefully Faith will have a Charmed life with us showing and working.

Well, you can see by the website updates, she did stay, shes shown, worked and loved beyond all expectations.

“Worry ends where Faith begins”


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