Birmingham National Championship Show

Judge Mr David Howarth 
2nd: FOTARA’s Waldwiese Carpe Diem At Astraios (Imp)  
Seven-year-old Long Haired. Again, in lovely condition and moving to advantage. Strong in neck with good shoulder angulation and strong bone, good depth and width of body. Firm level topline and good tail set.  Looked well moving in profile.  

Rosa was in first in the Puppy class, she was a good girl, stood without fidgeting, went up down and around without jumping, all 4 paws were on the floor where they should be! She was also a really good girl being gone over. Rosa came away with VHC in Puppy.

Faith was next in a large and lovely Open Bitch class, she was unplaced but I was pleased with both how she went, was gone over and her attitude the whole class long, she is such a lovely girl to do anything with.

Rhea was last to go and was in Veteran, she once again and pretty much as always gave it her all, she came away with 2nd in the class.

A lovely day with the girls and with my daughter 🙂