Available at Stud

At present I have no stud dog to offer myself however I am happy to be able to liaise with the owner of a dog from our first litter, Astraios Dream Scorcerer who is happy to offer his boy at stud to select bitches.

Although hip scores have not been completed they are in the process of being organised and good results would of course be required to be confirmed and recorded before any matings or collections. He is also currently endorsed until those scores come back satisfactory but I will be happy to lift them upon official confirmation of hip scores appropriate to the breed.

Astraios Dream Scorcerer
Hip Score – To be arranged and all matings subject to owner consent
Born 3rd November 2014


Morpheus Ruler of Dreams x  Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios (IMP AUS)

(also known as Ichabod)

Ichabod was pick show prospect from our litter but he didn’t go to a show home, he did however go to the most wonderful and perfect pet home. Right from the start he was the most laid back of all the litter, always to be found fast asleep behind the puppy basket. He loved a good game of tug and was inquisitive and happy to try new things, he always played fair and kindly. Ichabod lives a quiet life, full of gardening and long country walks. He is now 3.5yrs old and it is planned that he remain entire and his owner is open to stud enquiries via myself. Ichabod has not yet been hip scored but would most certainly be before any stud arrangements were made (his sister, whom I own, scored in at 6/6). If you are interested in learning more about him feel free to contact me to discuss. As was for his father, he will only be available to very select bitches so please no “my bitch is in season right now and we need a dog, can we use your dog” requests.

We also welcome enquiries from abroad.