Agility training with Lee Windeatt

1st June 2011 – 1st session

I had booked a day off work but had to cancel previous plans, luckily my friend Fiona had recently sent me Lee Windeatt’s weave video so I thought I should contact him to see if he would be free, luckily he had a slot for me!

I briefly showed Lee where we were at with our training and explained what I hoped to work on. Lee immediately set about showing me how to improve Kodi’s focus and enjoyment of his agility, he is more than capable but there seemed room for his love of it to improve.

He showed me how to work on individual pieces of equipment between now and the next session and I couldnt have gone away happier, very much looking forward to the next session now!!

21st July 2011 – 2nd session

We have had our second session with Lee at last.

Unfortunately the weather was not kind, it tipped it down. Kodi was full of spirit and we had to contend with rather a lot of zoomies which was slightly frustrating as I had been keen to show Lee our good progress! We were able to demonstrate a first time perfect weave which was something. We got about 10 minutes at the end of the session which could be called some kind of quality, he worked well on the introduction of subtle hand signals for snakes and understood right off what I was telling him to do which was great, I was also pleased to pick up the hand signals so quickly too, hope I can remember then next time we train!