A morning hunting

Decided not to do pay on the day agility yesterday but instead save my energy for today’s hunting session, our 4th of 6 on a HPR specific course which has truly been worth every penny!

As always Kodi ran first, after a quick pit stop to go to the loo he was off! He hunted really well and covered the ground so much more quickly than he has in previous sessions, he also didnt check in hardly at all although the odd eye flick told us he was still in contact, he didnt need to check in as much as he worked the wind well and as he should do, he was a joy to watch. The fact he was working so much more independently gave me lots of time to think about what ground we still had to cover so when he did check in I was ready to send him to where I wanted him to be next and he watched and mainly just worked off arm signals which was great. Only one bird was accidently put up having been missed, Kodi had gone for a drink in a pond and the bird was not windside so as he returned it went up and away….lessons from that were many, including more work on sit to whistle is required! He did me proud though and overall the improvement in him in just 4 sessions has been fantastic!

Rhea and Gabs went next but other than her working well in general I dont have much to report as I had to stay behind a couple of times whilst they worked different areas, our teacher was happy though which is what counts. It was noted that her speedy ground covering had slowed a notch and she hunted in a much more deliberate way, there were lots more scents than our first session where she was much quicker over ground as she had a lot more to process this time but it was lovely to watch her work albeit from afar. As Gabs and Rhea has missed the last session due to Rhea’s season she was playing a little catch up but our teacher was confident she would soon be up to speed. Gabs came home a proud and happy owner too!