2nd International Festival of Falconry – Kodi represents Longhaired Weimaraners!

WOW!! What a fabulous day!

Kodi and I arrived at the 2nd International Festival of Falconry in Reading, bright and early. Pulling into the car park for directions to the sporting dog tent, it was rather surreal to be informed that we needed to turn right at the Mongolian village!

Kodi and I were lucky enough to have the company of Nigel and Misty (SH Weim) for the day which made it an even more fun day.

The array of birds, nations, costumes and camels etc was just awesome to see and I completely filled my cameras memory card before the day was even over.

Kodi behaved really well and was great with all the wee kiddies wanting to pet him and the adults that wanted to mess with them soft ears. I was pleasantly surprised that in both the Dog Parade and the 53 Nations Grand Parade he walked to heel nicely, especially given the presence of all the birds, camels, horses, flags, other dogs and crowds to name but a few! I was really very proud of him.

Misty the short haired Weimaraner was an absolute Doll. She behaved so well all day and was such a sweetie.

Anyway having got up at 5am two days in a row (yesterday was the East of England Championship show) that is me beat and I am now off to catch up on my sleep!