Patamoke Workshop 

Rosa attended a Patamoke show training workshop this weekend. What a great day it was too! I booked the day for Gabriella and for Rosa in order to give them a day of positive training and bonding together, not necessarily with a view to show but with the aim of having a good day in […]

Rosa – Best Puppy & Qualified for Puppy of the year 

Rosa went in her first Puppy class at NORMIDCA match night and came away with Best Puppy in Match and this also qualifies her for her Puppy of the Year contest! 

Rosas first swim session 

So yesterday was our first swim night in a long time, I wont lie it was hard for me, Kodi loved to swim, always made him so happy swimming up and down retrieving things and we had to work hard to teach him calmness in water! It was the first time we have been back […]

Novice & Intermediate Trick Dog Title – Rosa 

Lovely to discover today that Rosa has enough points for her Kyra Sundance, Do More With Your Dog Novice and Intermediate trick dog titles. At  just 6 months old she is also the youngest Longhaired Weimaraner to earn the Intermediate title with her older sister Faith being the youngest to gain the Novice title! Congratulations […]

Rosas first day obedience training 

As you can see by the blog photo Rosa had a great time and was thoroughly worn out! It was the first of our monthly training sessions that I have booked throughout the whole year for both Faith and Rosa. I have decided not to book Rhea purely on cost and she has come to […]

Happy birthday at the Bridge 

Wishing my best boy Kodi all the love in the world on what would have been his 11th birthday. Missed every single day, never a dog was loved more ….

Barking Canine Club Match Night – Rosa 

2nd Place Puppy Walk, 3rd Place Puppy

A day in the field – Faith 

Great day out field training with Faith. Not too many surprises with her, retrieves on cold game both seen and memory were spot on with her sitting and waiting to be sent then bringing back to hand with no fuss. Obedience first class, no worries from me, always has an eye on me and works […]

A day in the field – Rosa 

Rosas first real field day, some of what I expected and some not. We had the extra distractions of her sister being there and snow on the ground which Rosa had never seen before so knew it would be tougher getting her attention but not quite how tough! She did some lovely retrieves happily jumping […]


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