Jenny Lunn Obedience Day 

Had this day recommended to me by a friend and boy she wasn’t wrong! By late afternoon I had so much new information that I had brain fry so bad I couldnt even take notes any more! But what a great feeling! Took Faith for this first session as she is still finding the fun […]

Jo Hill Obedience Day 

Had a super day on our 2nd Jo Hill obedience day. Unfortunately in the morning it was apparent that Faith wasnt feeling herself so Rhea came as substitute. I was so looking forward to building on what we did with Faith last time but actually turned out to be a really beneficial day for Rhea! […]

121 and sisterly meet 

Had a brilliant obedience 121 Saturday and afterwards a lovely meet up between Faith and her sister Dottie, they both had great fun and a good run around the park, lovely how well they get on together!

YKC Team GB Tryouts – Roo 

This lovely photograph of Roo by Simon Peachey Photography was taken on day two of the YKC Team GB tryouts! Lily and Roo successfully made it through day 1 to be invited back to day 2, it wasn’t their day this year but who knows for the future! So proud of them both making it […]

Sisters, beauty & brains! 

What a great day today with the N&S HPR FT Society field training! I took Faith along as her field work was neglected last year and we met up with Debbie and the lovely Dottie from our Charmed litter. Had a really great day training with the girls training under direction of James.  Dottie had […]

Astraios Wizard of Aus (Roo) – Congratulations 

Roo attended CRUFTS today to take part in the YKC Jumping dog of the year finals 2018, he was handled by the lovely Lily and they both had a fantastic run. Unfortunately a missed jump cost them but I could not have been prouder of them! Congratulations Lily and Roo for making it that far, […]